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Philippines Outsourcing has a full staff of in-house graphic designers, web designers programmers  and search engine marketing specialist, we have been actively accepting outsourcing to the Philippines jobs from other countries like the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, UAE, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, China and South Korea since 2005.

Why Outsource?

For some small businesses outsourcing their web development and graphic design work is not only a way to increase profits, but it also allows the small business owner to take on more work, increasing productivity, especially work they many not be specializing in, ultimately this becomes a win-win for both companies.

Outsourcing Example:

In the 1990's I had a communications company in Raleigh North Carolina for 10 years, and my company did a lot of work for Nextel Communications Inc. during this time, and I did learn about the advantages of outsourcing, and here is my personal experience.
The Nextel phone for example has hundreds of parts to it, with many of the parts being made in different countries, China, South Korea, Japan, Canada and the United States, yes the United States. With Nextel they would shop around for the best price on specific phone parts needed to produce their phone, and the company providing, (generally) the best price got the job. I actually installed the computer and network system for the US based (American Owned) company that created and supplied the keypad for one of the Nextel phone models.
So, since Nextel outsourced the different projects, this provided and opportunity for two US based companies to benefit.

Countries Outsourcing to the Philipines:

Listed here are a few countries that are currently outsourcing work to Manila Hosting

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